Dentists in Prosperidad

Our dental team in the centre of Madrid is composed by qualified dentists that will make it pleasant to stay at the clinic.

Our dental team in the centre of Madrid is composed by qualified professionals that will create a pleasant and confortable environment.

The dental team is specializing in oral health in order to make safe dental treatments. We use the most novelty technology that warrants excellent results.

Dr. Gómez Castro, Flavio


Specialist in medicine, oral surgery, implants, implant-prosthesis and conservative dentistry.

-Graduate in medicine and surgery.

-Stomatology specialist.

-Conservative Dentistry Postgraduate.

-Teaching professor in the department of conservative dentistry.

-Honorary Member of numerous societies.

-Author of numerous publications.

Dr. Flavio Gómez Castro

Dra. Rodríguez Crespo, Patricia

Specialist in Oral Surgery, Implants and Implant-prosthetics.

-Degree in dentistry from the University of Salamanca Master's Degree in Oral Surgery and Implantology from the Virgen de la Paloma Hospital.

-Postgraduate in dental aesthetics (Göteborg University).

-Postgraduate in Periodontics (Perio clinic).

-Author of publications (specialty surgery and aesthetics).

Dra. Patricia Rodríguez Crespo

Dra. Sánchez Agudelo, Juliana

Endodontist and restorative dentist.

-Doctor of Dental Surgery -Universidad Complutense de Madrid.

-Collaborator teacher in pregrad UCM.

-Member of Asociación Española de Endodoncia (AEDE).

-Member of European Society of Endodontology (ESE).

Dra. Juliana Sánchez Agudelo

Dra. Rodríguez Carrasco, Sofia

Orthodontic specialist.

-Dentistry at Complutense de Madrid University.

-Postgraduated in ortodotincs at Hospital Universitario Fundación Jiménen Diaz.

-Certified in Invisalign.

-SEDO (Spanish orthodontics association) member.

-Author of numerous publications.

Dra. Sofía Rodríguez Carrasco